As a Christian and former parish pastor, who understands and delights in his role of a "priest" -- (1 Peter 2:9-10  ;  Revelation 1:5-6), I post my topical Christian [sermon] messages and other content on this site. 

I do not hesitate to convey that which I have received and understand from my Creator,Triune God, and Savior, Christ, in keeping with the Divine Revelation of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

Brief Biography of Nathan M. Bickel

Born in 1950, Nathan M. Bickel's life has been blessed and spared by the good Lord. He is the third of four sons born to the late Pastor Elmer and Doris Bickel.

Nathan attended 8 years of Christian parochial elementary school; graduated from Bay City Central; Delta Junior College and Western Michigan University with a double major in history and communications.

Employment experience has been varied; including, but not limited to: a self-employment professional painting business; armed nuclear plant security; a government program employment specialist; tutoring and sub teaching. At 42, Nathan completed an academic colloquy program at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana; and was ordained into the Lutheran ministry; spending the duration of his parish ministry, serving a rural mid-Michigan congregation.

In more recent years, Nathan has experienced post polio, drawing him (away) from gainful employment into a lifestyle of hospital and hospice volunteering; and authoring and operating two Internet websites:

It continues to be Nathan's prayer, that God would utilize his online published writing for His glory and the present and eternal welfare of human souls. 

Nathan is a contented baby boomer; happily married with children and grandchildren. Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel would not care to change one iota of his life's history as he has experienced the Lord Christ's daily care, security and direction. And he expects (in faith), that the Triune Lord would continue His blessings, to his life's end. 

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel may be contacted on Facebook by messaging: Nathan M. Bickel - or, by sending him a message on his two website comment facilities.