Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rest In Peace, Reverend Nathan M. Bickel

It is with a heavy heart that I commence work as custodian of Nathan Bickel's The Christian Message. In March 2012, at perhaps our second conversation, he asked if I would carry on with his work at his passing. Friday, as he was laid to rest in his beloved Bay City Michigan, respecting his wishes, I did so.

Please offer prayers for him and his grief-stricken family. You may sign his guestbook here:

The hundreds of thousands of lives he touched online - and in person - fared far better for his moral leadership, his wisdom, and his courage. May Almighty God grant us the determination to carry forth in Nathan's spirit, ever-seeking to honor and bear witness to The Triune God with all we think, feel, and do.

Martha Trowbridge
10 December 2017