Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Topical message upgrade: Human (Unregenerate) Nature is No Surprise

"The Christian Message" has updated the following topical message with additional pics, captions, internal links and minor editing:

Human (Unregenerate) Nature is No Surprise - thechristianmessage.org/2011/07/


<<<<<<<< The just and eternal end of those who reject the Lord (Creator) of Life

It's God's will that all souls be
eternally saved and to come "to
the knowledge of the truth."
1 Timothy 2:4. But humans act 

upon their God-given free will and 
resist Him in unbelief to their
 soul's eternal damnation.
Those who acknowledge and live their lives in accordance with their Creator Christ have nothing to fear in this life and the life (everlasting) to come. They will have put their faith in His ultimate sacrifice of [holy] sin cleansing blood for their human sin (s).

However, those of you who continue to resist the truth of God, as revealed in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures and refuse to accept the free gift of forgiveness in Christ’s cleansing sacrifice for personal sin, -- you will, by your same Creator be held eternally and damnably accountable. There will not be life, everlasting, but rather, death, everlasting. for you. John 3:14-21 ; Acts 17:31 ; Matthew 25:31-46

Those of you who reject Christ and His offered forgiveness for your damning sins, your future life after physical death will be a real life of continual suffering and torment of death, everlasting. The same Creator who created you and who offers you life, will judge you for your unregenerate condition at the time of your death. Acts 17:31 ; Matthew 25:31-46 >>>>>>>>>>>>

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