Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upgraded Topical Message: Fickle Human Nature

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Fickle Human Nature -


Sin is the ultimate reason for all human ills. Yet,
there are those in our culture who will not use
the word, "sin." Sin to them, is as scare as hen's
teeth. Hence, they will speak the culture's
euphemisms to hide from the root cause of why
human behavior is so fickle.
<<<<<< “Schizophrenia,” is the term given by behavioral “experts” (psychiatrists), to describe a person’s mental state. A person, who possesses schizophrenia, is a person who has a serious mental disorder. That particular “schizophrenic,” disorder by dictionary definition, is:

A common example of schizophrenia is someone who is supposedly “normal” one moment and then goes berserk, the next moment. Such was the recent incident which took place on a commercial airliner where the pilot of the aircraft all of a sudden went out of control, and had to be subdued by the flight’s passengers: ........ >>>>>>>

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Fickle Human Nature -

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