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Upgraded message: Absolutes and Christ's often misunderstood words of “Judge not…”

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Absolutes and Christ's often misunderstood words of “Judge not…” -


Non-Christians generally eschew the reality
of absolutes. They will make exceptions,
though, for their pseudo science theory of
 which calls for umpteen millions
 of years, minus Creator God, to produce all
 what we observe, feel, smell and observe.

>>>>>>> One of the many distinguishing features which separate the Christian believer from the non-Christian, unbeliever, is, in the area of “absolutes.” Those who firmly believe Christ’s words as recorded in the Gospels, and the other Scriptures of the Hebrew Old and New Testament historical, revelation writings, are often viewed with derision and contempt. Such derogatory phrases such as “Bible thumping Christians” and “Gun totting Christians” are just a couple of denigrating phrases used by some who pride themselves into not believing and ordering their lives according to absolutes.

After all, why would one desire to restrict himself, believing and ordering his [or her] life after fixed principles found in an “old” book? Why would a person desire to limit his or her beliefs and experiences and repress human expression – whatever it may be? So goes the thinking of many who think and believe that living one’s life guided by absolutes is ludicrous and fanatical.

Those who often deride others for believing and ordering their lives after absolutes, contradict their own thinking and behaviors ........ <<<<<<<<<<<

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Absolutes and Christ's often misunderstood words of “Judge not…” -

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