Friday, January 25, 2013

Upgraded topical message: Liars go to hell

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Jesus spoke more of hell than He 
did of heaven. Christ was sinless; 
therefore He did not lie. Christ 
spoke of a literal damnation of
 real suffering, torment and 
Liars go to hell 


>>>>>>> While being raised as an adolescent and teenager, I would sometimes hear the phrase: “Liars go to hell.” I have to say, that at that time, I didn’t know that reality was actually stated in the Bible. At the time, it made all the (moral) sense in the world to me. Telling the truth was always considered the healthy moral norm and lying through one’s teeth was the abnormal thing to do. I say “abnormal” as opposed to being honest. But, as a child, I would do my share of lying.

I won't ever deny that I lied as a child, as I believe every child lies. No one has to teach children to lie. It comes as a natural (part and parcel) result of our sinful nature territory, as all human beings are born sinners. Psalm 51:5 ; Romans 5:12

One specific lie, I recall, was deceiving my father....... <<<<<<< ......Continued..........

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Liars go to hell

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