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Topical Message Upgrade: You are either righteous or ungodly

In the Gospel of John 10:1f Christ speaks of
Himself as the True Shepherd and also as the gate
[door]: "I am the Door. If anyone enters by Me,
he will be saved, and will go in and out and find
pasture." Gospel of John 10:9


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You are either righteous or ungodly 


>>>>>> ....... Friend, the Bible makes it clear that head knowledge will not save; nor faith in formula; nor faithful church attendance; nor doing works of mercy to one's neighbor. Simple trusting faith in Christ, is what saves your wretched priceless soul. Ephesians 2:8;9

A Poem:

There's a saying often heard -- tis this; "There's many ways to Heaven, and God approves them all." That is not true my precious friends; that's just not true at all.

For those who talk in such a way I take my pen in hand, and hope this picture that I paint will help them understand.

I seem to see an angel stand beside a golden gate. Beyond the gate is Paradise, where heavenly glories wait. Stretched through the Heavens wait a throng who fain would enter there; the angel sentry they must pass -- He questions them with care:

"Do you know the password?" he inquires, of a man of stately mien. "Presbyterian," he proclaims, "My people all have been!" The angel bends on the stately soul, a searching look - yet kind, then turns the leaves of his golden book; but the word he cannot find. "I'm sorry," he says, but it is not here, friend, kindly step aside, As soon as you think of the proper words the gate will open wide."

A friendly look the next soul has He eagerly draws near. "With Methodists I meet," he says, "I'm sure you know us here." The angel loveth the friendly soul by his face we can plainly see, yet he stops for a look at his golden book, "The name is not here," said he. "Stand here by the Presbyterian," He said with a pitying smile. "You'll surely remember the proper words when you have thought awhile."

The next soul carries a book of prayer,....... <<<<<<< ........Continued.........

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You are either righteous or ungodly -

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