Sunday, January 6, 2013

Topical Message upgrade: Part 1: The false teaching which molests the faith of Christians

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Part 1: The false teaching which molests the faith of Christians -


>>>>>> ........ How is this this false Universalism teaching disseminated?

Elementary age school children are very 
impressionable.  Most of them learn very quickly.
They are the young and innocent targets of the
Universalism's teaching which minimizes and / or
ignores the importance of teaching God's Law as
both a curb and rule.
First of all, it is disseminated from youth up. Christian elementary (parochial) schools seed this teaching from pre-school on. Children are continually reminded that Jesus loves them no matter what they do; no matter how bad they've been. Coupled with this [eternal security type of "sovereign immunity" environment] there is little if no teaching about sorrow over personal sin; repentance over it or faith and belief. The central teaching always returns to the forgiveness aspect; without any personal responsibility taught and laid upon the child. If faith is even mentioned, it is pushed into the background as it isn't something of necessity or something to be cherished. This web author and emeritus pastor has documented such at his [own] grandson's school. This parochial school is a fine Christian school and much better alternative than a public school; but, the central teaching of the Christian Faith is diminished as Luther modeled it be taught, - grace through faith; and that we are justified (before God) by faith alone:

"Pastor Nathan Bickel on UOJ in WELS......."

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