Saturday, January 19, 2013

Near Death Experiences of hell

Near Death Experiences of hell:

Note not only the (above) video, but also the written script testimony of 5 people who experienced a glimpse of the hereafter hell - (scroll down, once you've accessed the link):  "To Hell and Back" - By Dr. Maurice Rawlings -

Also: Obituary - Rawlings, Maurice - Served As Physician To President Eisenhower And Joint Chiefs Of Staff -

People who say that they prefer to go to hell
because that's where their friends will be, have
no idea. Hell is not only a place but a continual
forever state of torment, suffering and regret;
devoid of all that is good, holy and perfect. 
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  1. I take all near death experiences with a grain of salt.

  2. Joel -

    I wonder if you would experience a particular near death experience, as vivid as these personal testimonies, whether you would continue to say that.

  3. The problem that I have with near death experiences is that they often contradict Scripture. People who claim to have seen heaven receive messages that tell them that "good people" end up in heaven. Some who have "experienced" hell receive a message that they simply have to clean up their acts a bit. There are a lot of things that we know about the human psyche and the effects of trauma on the brain that can explain away these "experiences" that they have. I'll stick to Scripture, thank you (which, by the way, supports UOJ -- just thought I'd throw that in).

  4. Joel -

    I agree with you about some of the things people relate, who have had a supposed "near death experience." However, having stated that; I did not notice anything glaringly anti-Scriptural with the 5 testimonies of the ones highlighted in the Dr. Rawling's film. [Perhaps, if I would listen and watch it 5 times, I might pick something up]

    One of the (positive) things that I picked up, was of the one man's experience. He stated that when he felt hell tugging away to have him, he did not question why he was having that terrible experience; as if to intimate that he knew he deserved what he was receiving. I thought about that and recollected Christ's parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. The same thing was true about the tormented rich man in hell. He knew why he was there. He accepted that reality. He did not ask to be released; only that he could have some relief from his suffering; and also the request of Lazarus (somehow) to be sent as an emissary back to earth to warn his family members of hell.

    As to your reference of "UOJ" a particular form of Universalism, I have to strongly disagree with you. Scripture does not support it. I refer you and those who may read these comments to a two part topical message "series" that I did on UOJ:

    Part 1: The false teaching which molests the faith of Christians

    Part 2: How does the false teaching of universal objective justification molest Christians’ faith?