Friday, December 28, 2012

Upgraded - Definitions page - Various words used in The Christian Message website

Upgraded - Definitions page - Various words used in “The Christian Message” website -


Pic of New York City's two twin
World Trade Centers and
inhabiting people being
destroyed by Muslims carrying
out their [sincere] belief
system. Such evil is a prime
example of "multiculturalism"
at work.
Multiculturalism - Multiculturalism is the godless and irrational belief that holds [that] all value systems are morally equal – all, except, the Christian (divine revelation) value system, which is based upon the Hebrew Old Testament and Christian New Testament Christian Scriptures. This illogical and insane belief's folly, can be demonstrated for what it malevolently and diabolically is, by the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks which killed (murdered) over 3,000 innocent people, of all ages.

It could be further noted, that "multiculturalism" in its various forms and fashions, is effectively used by the godless in their exercise of government. Those unsavory characters (in governmental control and influence) love to tie "political correctness" and "multicultural"  principles together to propagandize the masses, rewrite history and blame and stereotype certain groups, such as Christians, political Conservatives and others. 

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Upgraded - Definitions page - Various words used in “The Christian Message” website -

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