Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Misguided souls often make the mistake of claiming that the Bible
is contradictory; when, in reality, it can easily be understood and
accepted  by God gifted faith.  Once this divine spiritual
enlightenment is present, "supposed contradictions" aren't an
 issue. Rather, these alleged contradictions can be understood by
rationally; accepting them as Scriptural paradoxes.

"Understanding the Bible – Reasons Why Non Christians Don’t Comprehend the Holy Scriptures:" -

>>>>> ..... Sinful humanity will generally and continually view God’s Gift, the Bible, as contradictory because they don’t realize that there is such a reality as the “paradox.” A “paradox” is “a statement that seems contradictory, unbelievable, or absurd but that may actually be true in fact.” [Webster] To say that God is not a God of love, simply because He allows those who choose not to have anything to do with Him, to go to hell, is unreasonable, unfair and absurd....... <<<<<< "Understanding the Bible – Reasons Why Non Christians Don’t Comprehend the Holy Scriptures:" -

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Posted by Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel


  1. Thank you for posting this Rev. Bickel. It's often said that the contradictions that the doctrine of Universal Objective Justification creates with Scripture and the Christian Book of Concord are simply paradox's that need to be accepted.

    It's worth discussing that there are paradox's in God's Word and will which seem contradictory but in relation to all of Scripture they do not contradict. The contradictions in the false gospel of Objective Justification are, when compared to the rest of Scripture, definite contradictions and absurdities that war against God's Word.

    Even in these absurdities, those that trust in the new way to righteousness before God that UOJ affords, UOJists cannot comprehend the contradictions and blasphemies.

    Great topic. Thank you for your work.

    In Christ,
    Brett Meyer

  2. Brett -

    Great point you make. They cannot recognize the false teaching. Those who manufacture for themselves their absurd and contradictory dogma of "universal objective justification," are apparently, spiritually blindsided.

    For the benefit of those who may be reading these comments, I'll link 2 (rather) recent topical messages of mine on this very damaging Universalist teaching:

    Part 1: The false teaching which molests the faith of Christians

    Part 2: How does the false teaching of universal objective justification molest Christians’ faith?