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The Lord God is in control even though Christ never promised that our world would improve

"Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted
among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10 - KJV
Readers comment to the [following] copied blog article - "America’s voting electorate returned to swallow Obama’s political vomit:"

"Very thoughtful and insightful. While evil seems to flourish in our land and around the world, I am encouraged to know that our righteous God, just and true, has the final word."

Response comment:"

Thank your for your comment. Although our nation’s situation is very precarious and unsettled, it is the Triune God who rules over all. Take all the gold in the world and it is not worth one ounce of faith in His enduring love and mercy to those who love Him."

The following article is from Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel's website. Also, please reference Christ's teaching of the end times:  Christ's Teaching about the End of the World -

America’s voting electorate returned to swallow Obama’s political vomit -

The Scriptures say foolish people are like dogs eating their own vomit. Obama voters are like these dogs.
While contemplating the results of yesterday’s 2012 US presidential election, I was reminded of the Hebrew Scripture:
Proverbs 26:11 – “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” – [NKJV]
This afternoon, I mentioned this Scripture to my wife, relating it to the disappointing election results. Her response was, about the same as mine:
“The US has alienated the Judeo / Christian truth and principles upheld by the founding fathers to wallow in the mire of liberalism.”
In short, I believe that the electoral majority of the American voting public decided that a serial liar, sex offender and unconstitutional putative president is more to be preferred than the better (now defeated candidate).
What should have been plain as day, was dismissed by a majority of American voters. Instead, the majority of the electorate, decided to reward Barack Hussein Obama 4 more years to continue to do our traditional and patriotic America, dirty. What is more troubling to me as a Christian and an emeritus Christian pastor, are the millions of voters who somehow decided in their mind that they did not care to put a stop to the scandal ridden Barack Obama. Sadly, many of us are left to conclude that umpteen millions of Americans don’t care to uphold good morality and ethics, but would rather have their dear country wallow in the swill of deception, lies and continuous immoral scandal as has been perpetrated against this Constitutional Republic and its citizens, by the hand of Barack Hussein Obama, his political cohorts and kowtowing liberal media.
Just before the election this web author’s blog related that the Christian voting bloc was crucial and decisive. I have not looked as yet, at the segment voting data; but, on a personal and anecdotal level know that there were many Christians, who, like a dog returns to swallow its own vomit, they returned again to vote for a lying politician who has somehow mesmerized and hog tied them.
My observation in all of this is that the Biblical truth about the “depravity of human nature” has been ignored by both Christian and non professed Christian voters. When the belief of “the depravity of human nature” is abandoned, human beings can no longer decide (in favor of) good moral decisions. Hence, they leave themselves easy prey for political snake charmers as has been the case with our current White House occupier.

Obama’s Identity lie: He [falsely] claimed to be a Christian to snooker the Christian bloc vote. Here, Obama is wearing a white kufi on his head. Only devout Muslims wear it. This pic was reportedly posted back in 2007 regarding Obama campaigning for Kenya’s Muslim Riala Odinga. See link at the bottom of this page.
Furthermore, for those who did vote to rid our US White House of its political vomit; I encourage you. The Scripture authored by divine revelation does not lie, like Barry Soetoro, the present White House occupier. God will deal with him. He will divinely “get his,” however and whenever the good [Triune] Lord sees fit. And, God Almighty will deal with those in political and media circles who hid and / or airbrushed the truth about his foreign and unconstitutional status to qualify for the US presidency; also, his executive office actions, policies and agendas. Make no mistake about it; Obama will not escape divine accountability over his sins against the Almighty and his fellowman - Psalm 9:17
Secondly, I like what one web author offered as a post election encouragement:
Finally, last night’s election results, also reminded me of the Scripture where God granted ancient Israel what they desired; but along with their sinful craving, sent leanness into their souls. – Psalm 106:15
Sadly our country is “hell bent” for a very rough future, having abandoned the US Constitution by re-electing a Muslim bent, non natural born citizen. I believe that many who voted for Obama will regret their decision as they will suffer under heavy political, economic and social burden pressures brought on by their own folly.
Certainly, the Christian bloc vote could have turned this election around. But, many Christians aren’t ruled by a love for God’s will for good government, as expressed in 1 Timothy 2:1-4. Obama’s record has been a dismal failure in support of good government. But yet, it did not matter with American voters. It is very apparent; they did not care. As a result, our dear nation will experience the smarting whip of an intrusive anti-US Constitution Barry Soetoro government. The following Scripture will be experienced by many:
Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” [NKJ] – Note – See also: Proverbs 10:11
Obama was successful seducing America’s voters for a second White House occupancy. All of America will suffer for this ill-fated choice.
Related to the one picture of Obama wearing a white kufi:

Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel
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