Wednesday, October 3, 2012

John's Gospel: Bible questions and answers

Picture of the artist's depiction of Christ,
"The Good Shepherd;" one of the 7 "I Am"
statements of Christ in The Gospel of John
Note:  Please click on the linked questions to be transported to separate pages for the answers.

1 -  What is the stated purpose of this particular historical Gospel of John?

2-  How did Jesus Christ come to be? What was [is] His origin? - John 1:1;2

3-  How did our world come to be? What is the reason for the whole universe's existence? - John 1:3

4 -  Christ the light: Why He is described as the light? - John 1:4-9

5 - How does a person become a child of God? Is it by one's own will; or, God's - John 1:10-13

6 - What is the "glory" of Christ? - John 1:14-18

7 - The fullness of Christ - John 1:14-18

8 - Rejecting God and His Word by rejecting His prophet messengers - John 1:19-28

9 - Christ dying for the sins of the world is different than a faith that justifies one before God - John 1:29-34

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