Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bible Questions and Answers

The Gospel of John

Note:  This is a new addition (facility) to "The Christian Message" site. Please be patient with this web author as he lays it out.

This web author wishes that he could effect a quick web route for the curious and eager reader. However, Pastor emeritus Bickel is no computer whiz. Also, he is planning on presenting other Bible books with the question and answer format. That, primarily is the reason for this 2 "mouse click" web reader access.


  1. both my daughter was raised in church christian wonderful daughter that loved oldest getting a divorce of 17 her husband cheated on her got another girl pregnant...the broke up found another will not work living with us my husband and i allowed that wrong? supposed to help us pay our bill in these hard times...going to lose my internet and direct tv she promised to pay it i know in my heart she paid his chils surport...he is trying for his disability...she lies to me...i can other daughter getting a divorce married 15 years her husband never held job...she loves jesus but she i believe is luke warm...i think they will be left behind i believe in the bible....what did i do wrong....i have been forgiven love god and serving him....god bless

    1. "christian mother and grandmother:"

      From the limited info. you gave me, here (following) is how I view your situation:

      Don't beat yourself up over them. They are adults. They are accountable to Lord God. Don't be asking what you may have done wrong. No parents are perfect.

      Pray for them that they recognize the "strait and narrow way." Pray that they are led to genuine repentance. And, do your part. Love them, but don't enable their irresponsible behaviors or countenance any lying. Preach to be independent. But, then don't undo your preaching by allowing them to take advantage of you and your husband.

      You need to guard your marriage from being destroyed by your children. They need to be out on their own and not anymore financially linked to your and your husband. Don't allow the promise of some money from either of them, in exchange for them to share your roof over their heads. Be firm with them and expect them to play the poor down-trodden to make you and your husband feel guilty.

  2. we are living in the end times....the rapture is coming....jesus is coming to take his children home