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The Damning Emotion of Hatred

Hatred is the uninhibited flame that fuels the murderous impulse. It is the unrestrained seedling plant which eventually grows to its malevolent maturity. It is the worst of emotions. Hatred towards one’s fellowman will ultimately damn the soul it possesses.

It is one thing to dislike a person – to take displeasure in someone’s attitudes, actions and lifestyle. One may even be frustrated with people, situations and circumstances. Frustration, dislike, displeasure, or even anger, cannot match the rage that ensues with hatred’s venomous emotion.

Anger is oftentimes a “mental reflex.” Left unchecked and unrestrained, it becomes a “hell on wheels,” to whomever it confronts. Frustration, displeasure and dislike, graduate into anger. It is fed by erroneous beliefs and immoral choices. Once anger becomes hatred, it consumes the one who hates. Hatred is, by far, the worst human emotion, because it leaves in its maddening and deepening tracks, present and eternal gruesome consequences.

Human history is replete with hatred’s tsunami type devastation. Volumes fill library shelves telling both the negative and destructive results of hatred’s emotion, unleashed. Recent past history showcases Adolph Hitler’s hatred, turned vengeance, against 6 million Jews, and other peoples. More recently, hatred is personified in both the rhetoric and murderous actions of global terrorists who strap bombs to their children to fuel their maddening and deadly feuds -- hatred gone wild at its worst – destroying innocent human lives.

Biblical Revelation Reveals Hatred’s Eternal Consequences

Those who reject the Triune God’s Biblical revelation gift to humanity are often quick to ignore the Scripture’s pronunciation on those who are ruled by hatred’s emotion. And, naturally, so. Ignorance is bliss; and also stubborn refusal to accept the authority and integrity of the Divine Revelation gives an individual an opportunity to exercise free will and independence.

Those who reject Divine Revelation are often prone to do so because they cannot imagine that people who live a lifestyle of hatred (nor, themselves), will suffer the tormenting eternal damning consequences. Going out of their way to ignore hatred’s “nth” degrees, these people will go so far as to say that even the Hitlers of humanity will eventually end up in heaven -- so goes “Universalism’s” belief.

But the Biblical Revelation makes it quite clear that to live a life of hatred towards one’s fellowman is an automatic banishment from God’s present and future presence.

The Christian New Testament Letter of John 1:1f, is a short and revealing addition to the Divine Revelation. All “Christians” should read and re-read and thoroughly digest its contents. It is a Scriptural book that can be repeatedly utilized to evaluate one’s adherence and commitment to the Christian Faith. I once did a particular study on these 5 chapters and isolated 5 “proofs” of Christian identity. One of those “proofs” to evaluate one’s genuine commitment and belief in Christ is the demonstrated love that a person will show to his fellowman. This, of course, coincides with what Christ talked about when He elaborated on the two major Commandments Matthew 22:35;36;37;38;39;40

It is evident, that if a person lives a life of hatred – there can be no question that this person’s spiritual eternal existence belongs with the damned in hell. The New Testament Epistle of 1 John 3:14;15 speak to this reality:

………He who does not love his brother abides in death. Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. -- See also 1 John 2:9;10;11

The Triune Loving God is [also] a God of Hatred

One of the most quoted verses of Scripture is: “God is love.” It is derived from the following Scripture: “He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” [1 John 4.9] And, even a more well know Scripture is the familiar:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish, but hath everlasting life……………” KJV - Gospel of John 3:16; 17

But often one of the most neglected realities, is, that God is a God of hatred. The Triune God of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures hates sin! So much so, does this Holy God hate sin, that He is bound by His Name and other perfect attributes, to punish human sin to the fullest measure. [Ezekiel 18.20] – “The soul that sinneth, it shall die…..” [KJV] That’s one of the major reasons there is a hell – not, just, because people choose to follow their primrose path to its torment, acting upon their stubborn, free will.

Friend, are you headed stubbornly in your own direction? Could you care less about the Divine Revelation? Are you angered when other people call attention to your inadequacies and inconsistencies? Do you become so riled that you resort to pettiness and name calling? Have you become so self absorbed that you refuse to listen to any authority but your own? Do you resent it when you are designated a damnable sinner? Are your incensed that there are people other than yourself who are so assured of their (blissful) eternal destiny that it makes you want to vomit?

Then, dear friend, you do have a huge problem. It isn’t just, a present problem, but it is going to become your worst nightmare. Your stubborn refusal to listen and learn from the One (Christ) who was tormented and murdered for your sins, will be your undoing. You – even though you may not be a hate monger, will stand in judgment and punishment for all your sins against the Triune God for disobedience to His Ten Commandments. Don’t further your guilt and judgment by saying that you haven’t lied, cheated and lusted.

I assure you -- you will not be able to rest and be at peace. When you die, you will still continue to exist. You will either exist with “life,” eternal, or, your death will open up for you the living torments of eternal death. Having forsaken the Savior, your future eternal “life” will be “death,” -- in continual torment, because you chose and decided to deal with your sins, your way – apart from God’s Remedy. [Luke 16:19-31] Only through the shed blood of the Risen and Eternal Christ, will you find peace for your present, future and eternal existence. John 3:1-21

Swallow your pride. Come humbly to God’s Throne of Grace [Luke 18:9-14 ; Luke 15:11-32] --confronting both the person and the sayings of Christ and -- finding in Him true peace with your Holy Creator God, who hates your sin and will hold you accountable for it. Find in Christ, God’s solution for your troubled soul. He is your only way out. He is your only escape. He can be your life – both now and after you breathe your earthly last.

If you are confused, frustrated, angry and incensed to the point of hatred, read in the Gospels; what Christ has done for you – taking upon Himself, your confusion, frustration, your anger and even your hatred to appease a Holy and Just God, who will some day be your eternal Judge. Believe you me – Christ can be your perfect companion.

It says in Scripture that Christ's enemies hated Him without a cause. [John 15.25] Why? Because He was (is) sinless. He was the perfect sacrifice for all your sins, that if unrepented of, will plummet you into the “lake of fire” where you will truly experience an eternal judgment and punishment, for all your sins. Revelation 20:12;15

Believe Christ’s and His written revelation Words. When you truly believe Christ, and turn from your sins, then you will possess both the present and eternal Advocate (Attorney) working on your behalf, to free you from your well deserved future indictment and eternal death sentence because of your past and present sins against God and His Ten Commandments.

May God move you by His Holy Spirit to take His Words of Scripture seriously. Read them; listen to them. Realize that is is God's divine written revelation that is his precious gift to you. May you come to faith by that written revelation as it is the Lord's means of grace to work saving faith within your spirit. Romans 1:16; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23 ; Acts 8:26-39

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