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Only by God's Grace can the sinner come to realize the illuminating truth about his pathetic soul

One of the most amazing sayings of Christ, (as recorded in the Christian 4 Gospels), Christ's statement to certain Jewish people [John 5:1f] who continually hounded Him during His 3 year ministry:

“But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” John 5:40

On another occasion, Christ said:

“And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” John 3:19-21

My Past Academic Misunderstanding

During my academic schooling years, I was accustomed to think (erroneously) that people (by and large), were repelled by the Christian Message and Faith, because they were generally ignorant of the Christian Religion’s unparalleled historical roots, oftentimes substantiated by other Christian evidences, such as archaeology.

I would oftentimes think that a person could be convinced of the historical fact of Christ, by logical persuasion and intellectual argument. By achieving that process, I falsely believed that such and such a person, then, was well underway to doing the best thing for his precious soul, and thereby in the end process, avoid the just eternal punishment for his personal sin, meted out by a holy and just Creator God.

However, my reasoning was not only skewed, but false. That fallacious reasoning did not match up with Christ’s own words, as referenced and quoted above. Even though souls could come back from their eternal abode of perdition, to convince people on earth of the stark realities of the hereafter and the horrors of hell, humans will not be persuaded to change their thinking and behavior and to put their faith in Christ. Luke 16:19-31 – especially Luke 16:27-31

Even at death’s door, people will generally live their remaining moments as they have always lived

Death bed conversions are few and far between. I believe that they are as scarce as hen's teeth. That is one of the reasons why the Good Lord urges: “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near." Isaiah 55:6-7

One of the worst civilian airline crashes in history took place on the Canary Islands in 1977 when two Boeing 747’s collided. I remember hearing Dr. James D. Kennedy, one Sunday. In his sermon message he related how many of the passengers reacted upon the fiery impact. He stated that many of them were heard to have spoken their last, profusely cursing. Rather than making their “peace with God,” in their final earthly moments, some were cursing God – living their last gasping breaths, in the smoking inferno, in the same way they had always (pathetically) lived their lives.

The sad fact remains – people will clasp and grasp their personal sin until their life’s end. By and large most people will not recognize the present and eternal (damning) reality of unforgiven sin in their lives. They will take that sin to their deaths and enter a godless, wretched and hellish eternity -- thinking that they do not qualify for holy Creator God’s, just accounting. Others, alike, are also without a clue, having denied their created existence -- they deny the very God that rules all.

Friend, your priceless soul is at stake

Friend, even if you have the worst impression of Christian people, the Christian religion and the Christian holy book, the Bible; you owe it to your priceless soul to read the words of Christ. Of all the books in the world – past and present, the 4 Gospels are the most important.

Don’t allow someone’s opinion or interpretation to formulate your thinking about Jesus Christ, what He stood for, said and accomplished. Don’t allow yourself to be sweet talked into thinking , believing and accepting that you and your human ancestors evolved from some lower form of life. Don’t allow anyone to belittle or demean your eternal and priceless soul.

Come to realize that you are a sinner, by God’s standards – not your own. After all, His standards are the only ones, which ultimately count. Even if your mind cannot fathom many realities, expose your sinful life to that of Christ’s sinless existence. Read those Gospels and pay particular attention to the prophesied fulfillment of Christ’s birth, life, death, burial and resurrection from the dead (documented in human history). Regard your soul’s future destination with "kid gloves." By God's Merciful Grace you will be able to cry out to Christ that he “cast out your sin and enter in” and “be born in” you today! John 1:12-13 and John 3:1-21 – especially John 3:3

Realize as the thief crucified by Christ, that you have nothing to offer, but your sorry soul and life. [Gospel of Luke 23:39-43] Recognize as did the "Lost Son" [Luke 15:11-32] that you have “sinned against heaven" [Luke 15:17 -19] Come as a pauper to God -- believe His gracious Gospel call. Believe that message of forgiveness and come to repentance. John 3:14-21] ; Acts 3:19 ; Acts 17:16-31

Come to Christ that you might have true life and that you might have life, everlasting. John 3:16-17 ; John 11:25 ; Mark 8:35-37


Related Scriptures [below] -- Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

Also: For a couple of other (more formal) worship formats:

Some Important [Defining] "Sin" Scriptures:

Genesis 3:1f -- Mankind's fall into sin

Psalm 1:1-6 – The way of the righteous and the way of the unrighteous

Psalm 51:5 -- A Sinner is a sinner by birth -- [commonly referred to, as, "Original Sin"]

Romans 5:12 -- Sinners, not only by birth, but also, by "Inheritance"

Genesis 6:5 -- Sinners, from the beginning of time.....

Matthew 15:15-20 -- Christ explains about sin

New Testament Christian Scriptures relating about the Divine Rescue from sin and its damning eternal consequences:

John 3:1-21 – Christ must illuminate the needy and sinful human soul. In the Greek language, the phrase in John 3:3, is being born “from above.” This correlates with John 1:12-13. Even though a sinner is commanded to repent and believe, -- that process initiates from the good and gracious action of a loving Triune God.

1 Peter 1:21 and 1 Peter 1:23 – The Lord’s initiating action at work in the believing soul Ephesians 2:1-10 --The sinner who is "dead" in sin, cannot help himself -- not 5% or even 50%. It takes the full 100% action of the gracious Triune God to affect a spiritual awakening.


Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak" -- by Victor Buksbazen -- Isaiah 53:1-12 -- an in-depth view of and the prophecy of Christ, hundred of years before his birth. Isaiah 53:1-12 underscores the truthfulness of Divine Revelation as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

Pastor (emeritus) Nathan Bickel

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The Christian Faith: Parts 1-3

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