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The communication problem which Christians and non Christians share, alike

Without a doubt, both Christians and non Christians share the “sin problem.” Both groups are sinners, not only by “nature” [Isaiah 53:6] but by practice [Romans 3:23 ; Romans 5:12] However, there is a huge difference – that being, that the one group has become “regenerate,” while the other group remains, “unregenerate.”

Creator Christ was sinlessly born into human flesh, lived, suffered, died and rose from the dead. Those believing souls who embrace this living God, as the perfect substitute / sacrifice for their inbred and continued sin, -- those, are the “regenerate.” They have been born from above, by the grace and mercy of a loving God. [Ephesians 2:1-9] Those souls who do not believe [accept] the free gracious and (forgiving gift) of God, in the person and work of Jesus Christ, -- they are the “unregenerate.” Hence, when they pass on [die], they will not “qualify” for a place in the Triune God’s perfect heaven. They instead, will have chosen to go their own way, without a Savior. They will be left with having to spend their eternity in a Christless abode – in the place of existence that is not “life” everlasting, but, rather, “death,” everlasting. [Hell]

The common and destructive communication problem which both Christians and non Christians, share

It is often the pathetic case that human communication becomes all “screwed up.” To be sure, human communication is best “had,” when people speak face to face and do so with ample time. Those communicators (“senders”) and respondents who act as if they are “double parked” do not enjoy the benefits of thoroughly thrashing things [issues] through. It takes both time and effort for clear communication and understanding.

But what severely hampers communication and understanding – even when there is ample time involved for such interchange, is the faulty use of human reasoning [logic]. I witness this often as I participate in online forums. People will often commit the “logic sin” of “generalization.” It is easy to spot when the one person will use words, such as, “only,” “never,” “none, “ “no.” You will often witness these same people further generalize by using the words, “all,” or “always.”

And, what further diminishes quality human discourse, is when you have people talking about an issue with little or no understanding about the issue. In other words, their knowledge of what they are talking about is seriously limited. Hence, discussion between two individuals can be further hampered.

Giving and taking offense

What is, perhaps, more damaging to human communication is the “giving” and “taking” of offense because reality by either the “sender” or “responder,” is distorted. I like what Dr. Martin Luther stated about the "giving and taking of offense:"

"An offense is something that is said or done whereby our opinion of God and men is distorted; and an offense is active when I give it, passive when I take (patior) it." [Luther]

Obviously people give offense when they needlessly, intentionally and maliciously precipitate some sort of word or action, thereby causing the person to whom their offense is directed, discouragement, discomfort and personal bodily and / or, emotional hurt and harm. But, for purposes of this message, and, its remainder, I will focus on the needless "taking" of offense.

People become offended by all sorts of reasons, - and, often, needlessly, so! And, consequently, they "think" they have been legitimately sinned against, (when such is not the case). They will then accuse the person to whom they think directed the (supposed) offense, and expect apologies to be forthcoming.

One of the most common reasons why some people become offended, is, when they second guess the person, who [they think] gave the offense. In our politically charged culture, liberal extremists will often accuse other people of racist remarks, when, in fact, they skew the reality of what is actually said, and take upon themselves the [their] perceived offense. In other words, there is no legitimate offense, but only one that is politically motivated and manufactured, (by liberal extremists and their accomplice liberal mainstream extremist media) so as to further a certain propaganda aim and advantage.

People give and take offense for all sorts of wrong reasons. Often left out of the communication mix, is that neither person, has at his (or her) disposal, the complete facts of an issue. Nor, can they truly claim to know the intentions and motivations of the person with whom they take exception [to]. Hence, it is easy for both sides in the communication process, to distort reality and to misunderstand one another.

One of history’s most prominent examples of “taking offense”

Perhaps, the most egregious example of the communication problem of taking offense, is what happened and still happens everyday with peoples’ perception and rejection of Jesus Christ. We are told in the Scriptures, that Christ, “came to His own and his own, received Him not.” [Gospel of Mark 6:3 ; Gospel of John 1:11] Human history is replete with humanity being offended, and rejecting the Savior, whose purpose was to suffer and die as the holy and just God’s sacrifice for human sin. Isaiah 53:1-12

The unregenerate sinner is always offended at Christ

Have you ever witnessed a swimmer attempting to rescue a drowning person? Oftentimes the drowning person, in the midst of his panic, will resist the rescuer’s well meaning efforts and end up drowning both himself and his would-be rescuer, by being wildly controlled by sheer panic. The one to be rescued, resists the rescuer’s efforts and instead, becomes to the rescuer as a sinking large rock, clasping with all his gripping strength, upon the rescuer. As a sad result, they end up, both, perishing.

To you – unregenerate sinner, -- you need rescuing from your damning sins – whether you realize that reality, or not. But, your very sinful nature, will not allow you to willingly gently clasp your Creator and Savior Christ. By your everyday unrepentant attitude and sinning nature, you will fight Him all the way to your dying (and, damning) last breath. You will resist His loving efforts to draw you to Himself. [1 Corinthians 2:14 ; Ephesians 2:1-9] You will reject His messengers the Good Lord sends into your life who communicate Christ, to you. Luke 16:19-31

Only through the gracious and omnipotent act of God’s Holy Spirit, will you come to realize your pathetic and damning condition. [Ephesians 2:1-9] Only through His act of regeneration will you be able to admit that you are a damnable sinner, needing, divine rescue! John 3:3 ; Colossians 2:13 ; John 5:21

Note: See also: "Christian Faith -- How does a soul acquire it?" -- What is the "New Birth," -- or, what is commonly called "Regeneration," or, the Christian "Conversion" process?

Friend, may you, by God’s Grace, through faith, come to accept the Triune God’s divine revelation. May humble yourself to realize that the Scriptures are His gift for your very life and soul. May you, [by God’s grace] also, come to realize that with His divine revelation, there is no distortion of reality. May you come to humbly realize that even if you do not understand all of the Triune God’s divine revelation, that ignorance on your part is not valid reason to reject His loving entreaties to you. May you finally not "take offense" in the Christ who came to save and rescue your soul from eternal damnation.


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