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Religious Confusion -- Why do some people become so mixed up?

When people accept the cultural beliefs of political
correctness and multiculturalism, they become very mixed
up. The "secular" mind-set cunningly (and erroneously)
says that "What is (morally) right for you may not be right
for me. Such a devilish mindset rejects objective truth found
in Jesus Christ and rejects the historical documents of The
Holy Scriptures.
It is amazing how some people can stumble over their own academic and intellectual understanding and become so confused over matters of religion. I realize that we live in the United States and that our country’s tradition and Constitution allows for “freedom of religion.” And, perhaps, because we have freedoms that no other people in all of history have experienced – that is one of the major causes for some people to gorge themselves with all types of belief systems.

I sometimes think since the culture is so inundated with political correctness, mixed with multiculturalism, that individuals commit “spiritual gluttony” with various religious thought systems as they do with food buffets. Once having indulged themselves, these people can no longer feel good about themselves or simply exist in a normal state of being.

Some time ago, I was particularly impressed with the news about a Hollywood entertainment icon – Oprah Winfrey. I read with saddened interest, the following news article about Oprah:

…….New York University professor Paul Vitz once observed, "Contemporary psychology is a form of secular humanism based on the rejection of God and the worship of the self." In her substitution of psychology for theology, Oprah has become a high priestess and icon of the psychologization of American society. When she features prominent New Age figures on her television show, she helps to mainstream New Age influences and philosophies among millions of Americans. Her substitution of spirituality for biblical Christianity, her promotion of forgiveness without atonement, and her references to a god "without labels" puts her at the epicenter of a seismic cultural earthquake……

……Oprah's newly-packaged positive-thinking spirituality is tailor-made for the empty souls of our postmodern age. She promises meaning without truth, acceptance without judgment, and fulfillment without self-denial….. --

”The Church of Oprah Winfrey – A New American Religion?”

What contributes to the damning path of some peoples' souls?

It is impossible to know the emotional and intellectual turmoil in a person’s life that leads and influences a soul down the damning path to make personal “assessments.” But it isn’t our decision, as sinful human beings, to determine our soul’s destiny, as the Scripture says, that “…..salvation belongs to the Lord…..” [Psalm 3:8] I still clearly remember the comment of a former faithful church member:

“A person is given the opportunity to repent and be granted eternal life up until his final breathe.” [Paraphrase]

When a person's beliefs run contrary to the
divine revelation, that person is bound to make
wrong lifestyle decisions. Oprah's decision to
endorse and support the ID fraud and scandal-
ridden aka, Obama certainly was [and is] a
clear indication of how mixed up she is. 
However, we are given particular perspectives from the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures – especially the clear knowledge of what (and who) saves a soul and what (and who) is able to damn that particular soul. We also are given clear indications from the Scriptures what leads people astray. Money, worldly possessions and creature comforts often heavily contribute to the shipwreck of men and women’s’ eternal souls. [Luke 6:24-25 ; Luke 12:13-21 ; and 1Timothy 6:3-10] Scripture also relates that the “love of money is the root of all evil.” [1 Timothy 6:10] This is not to say, however, that a poor person cannot be guilty of this sin. A person can be penniless and still be guilty of financial covetousness.

Other causes that heavily contribute to leading a soul down the damning path, are sins of the flesh. [John 2:15-17] And, the list of lifestyle sins that lead to damnation are many and varied. Galatians 5:19-21

Back to Oprah – we know that she doesn’t lack for material and monetary wealth. We also know that she, as with all of us, are subject to the sins of the flesh – which, can certainly lead a soul away from the true and living Christ and off into a tormenting eternity. Of course, there are other sins, that if unrepented of, heavily contribute to a person’s unbelief, delusionment and eternal demise. One thing sure, if a person does not repent of his or her sins and rejects the only God that can offer atonement and forgiveness of those sins – that person, according to divine revelation will receive the just and due reward of his or her choosing. The Triune God will not allow human sin to corrupt His holy heaven.

Where did Oprah make the wrong turn?

I have to disagree with the quoted author in the aforementioned news piece about Oprah -

Oprah’s religion is nothing new. [Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 and Genesis 3:1] – All false religions and human efforts, without (depending upon) the Triune God, fall short because they and their followers think they know better than God. Genesis 3:1 -- “…’Yea hath God said’…” and, Job 40:1-42:6 -- specifically, Job 40:1-2

Oprah clearly believes in a hodgepodge of secularist ideas and politically correct ideologies: --

“Oprah Denies Christ”]

It is sad (according to the Scriptures), that when Christ speaks His Words on that Last Day that Oprah [baring genuine belief in Christ and repentance on her part] will not be included in the following group: "Come you blessed of My father -- inherit the kingdom prepared for you..." Matthew 25:34

Oprah, by her own words and free will, chooses to distinguish herself and her ideas apart from a loving Redeemer God. She will, be granted and given her place on the "left" and be counted as one of the "goats." [Matthew 25:33 and Matthew 25:41] All her worldly wealth and fame and work righteousness will not stand one iota of good or perfection in the presence of a holy and just God. Oprah must come, with her sinful self, by way of Christ's Cross. So much for those who would like to "wing it" through this life and the next, by rejecting the Christ of history -- the ONLY good (true) Shepherd and Savior of their sinful souls. John 10:1f

Are you like Oprah – Do you buy into the culture’s cosmopolitan deceptions and your own (sinful) inclinations?

Too many people in today’s culture buy into Hollywood’s warped and godless values. Perhaps, fixated upon Oprah, some people can fantasize their personal world free of financial problems and free from material worries. Watching Oprah and being mesmerized by her (unreal) world can be truly and eternally devastating. The Christian Scriptures command the scrupulous soul not to be careless or na├»ve, but to “test the spirits.” [1 John 4:1-15] See also Christ’s own recorded words – Matthew 7:13-29

See: "You Shall Not Surely Die" -

Friend, my desire and prayer for those of you who hear and read this message, is, that you would cast off yourselves, any and every politically correct and multicultural gullibilities, (which state that all value systems, are equal), and attend yourselves toward the Hebrew and Christian Scripture revelation, with which, the Triune God has left us. Allow yourselves to hear and read those Scriptures so that God’s Holy Spirit would be able to permeate your heart and conscience. [Romans 1:16 ; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23] Don’t be like so many, who look to their own inner (sinful) human existence to find life’s intended meaning and future reality. May the Good and gracious Lord humble you, and work in youthe above task, and lead you to faith through His Scriptural Word. Romans 1:16 ; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23


Related Scriptures [below] -- Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

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Old Testament

Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 and Genesis 3:1 – Temptation to sin and sins of the present are the same type of temptations & sins of history's past

Job 40:1-42:6 – Sinful humans cannot gainsay the Almighty

New Testament

Matthew 7:13-29 – Christ’s own words about false prophets, good deeds and the utmost necessity to follow Him

1 John 4:1-15 – The eternal importance of knowing and confessing the Christ of history


Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak" -- by Victor Buksbazen -- Isaiah 53:1-12 -- an in-depth view of and the prophecy of Christ, hundred of years before his birth. Isaiah 53:1-12 underscores the truthfulness of Divine Revelation as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

Pastor (emeritus) Nathan Bickel

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