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What spurs the rejection of the Triune God? -- Why the “Rage?”

I have often wondered why there could such an obstinate rejection of the Triune God and His obvious entrance into human history in the person of the historical Christ, fully prophesied and documented by the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures which, none can parallel. Such an evidence of this blatant rejection has been the politically correct change of dating history. Up until several years ago, there was the division of time designation of “B.C.” and “A.D.” By [supposedly] ridding the world of the reference to the true God, by eliminating “Anno Domini,” (“In the year of our Lord”), culture, conveniently skirts around the birth, life, death and resurrection of the historical Christ. This change, preceded by atheistic evolution, was an obvious and calculated attempt by unbelieving souls to ignore history and to [supposedly] unshackle society from bogus Divine intervention and purpose.

The Hebrew Scripture of Psalm 2 answers the question: “Why do the heathen rage?”

The word “rage” in the Hebrew text is the word that is conveyed to denote, “tumult,” “noise,” -- a gathering together of God’s enemies with evil intent, as waters churn up the mire and dirt from the sea. [Isaiah 57:20-21] The ongoing activity of the wicked which stems from the “rage,” is the continued rejection of the Triune God. It has, and continues to manifest itself in not only the direct rejection of God, but also of His followers.

I cannot but help but think that this rejection rage against the Triune God is the same type of rebellious attitude that Christ spoke about in His “Parable of the Pounds.” [Luke 19:12-27] The stubborn servants adamantly declared: “We will not have this man reign over us.” [Luke 19:14] Rejection of the Triune God, Christ, His begotten Son, and God’s children, is a rejection that is rooted in sinful independence – the same sinful independence that motivated Adam and Eve to commit the first sin. Genesis 3:1f

The ultimate target of humanity’s rejection of God:

The ultimate target for humanity’s rejection of God, took place with the Crucifixion of Christ. It does not take long in reading and studying Psalm 2:1f, to figure that out. The “Lord’s Anointed,” is Christ, who came to be the Creator’s ultimate gift sacrifice for human sin. By reading the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, those to whom the Spirit of God speaks, can readily tell, that, that, was none other than Christ, and that His whole person and life was wrapped up in the Divine purpose, to reveal to humanity, the true God. The fullest expression of that revelation culminated in His death – “…..God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him might have everlasting life……" John 3:16

People are no longer content to only curse their Creator:

The secondary target of peoples’ rage, discontent and rejection of Creator Christ [Colossians 1:16-17] are, Christ’s followers. Read history – especially after the death and resurrection of Christ, and you will see that Christ’s followers have always been met with not only rejection, but cruel persecution, often resulting in untimely death. This reality was prophesied by Christ, Himself. John 15:18-21

Psalm 2:1f clearly indicates Divine displeasure with the wicked – those who reject Christ and His followers

It is common within human culture, to reject the reality that God’s punishments and judgments are, of a temporal [present] nature. Those in the media will not chide Christians for professing their belief that “their ‘god’” will reserve punishment and judgments for a future hereafter, especially if a person was of an Adolph Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer nature. But woe is to the Christian, who in our politically correct charged culture, even hints that God’s punishments and judgments surround the wicked in this life!

But, what does the Psalm say? Does Psalm 2:1f put a time constriction on the just Lord to punish the wicked for their snobbery of unbelief and for their persecuting actions? No! Not by any means! In fact, we are told by the Lord that certain of the wicked will not live out “half their days.” [Psalm 55:23] And, looking back at history, one would have to be [spiritually] blind not to see God’s righteous judgments upon certain inhabitants who lived upon the earth. Charles Spurgeon recounts while commenting on Psalm 2:1f:

Here is the end of one of the greatest plots ever formed against God’s chosen.

Of thirty Roman emperors, governors of provinces, and others high in office, who distinguished themselves by their zeal and bitterness in persecuting the early Christians, one became speedily deranged after some atrocious cruelty, one was slain by his own son, one became blind, the eyes of one started out of his head, one was drowned, one was strangled, one died in a miserable captivity, one fell dead in a manner that will not bear recital, one died of so loathsome a disease that several of his physicians were put to death because they could not abide the stench that filled his room, two committed suicide, a third attempted it, but had to call for help to finish the work, five were assassinated by their own people or servants, five others died the most miserable and excruciating deaths, several of them having an untold complication of diseases, and eight were killed in battle, or after being taken prisoners. Among these was Julian the apostate. In the days of his prosperity he is said to have pointed his dagger to heaven defying the Son of God, whom he commonly called the Galilean. But when he was wounded in battle, he saw that all was over with him, and he gathered up his clotted blood, and threw it into the air, exclaiming, “Thou hast conquered, O thou Galilean.” Voltaire has told us of the agonies of Charles IX. of France, which drove the blood through the pores of the skin of that miserable monarch, after his cruelties and treachery to the Huguenots.

[William S. Plumer, D.D., LL.D., 1867]

Take heart dear Christian – you who are being persecuted:

You Christians – especially you who live in countries where your governments put on a [hypocritical] front, attempting to be "friendly" with organized and state sponsored "religion" –- know that the Triune God does not overlook your sorrow. He remembers your tears. They are recorded in His book. [Psalm 56:8] Know for a reality that your enemies are His –- and He will deal with them when and how He sees fit. [Psalm 2:4-5 ; Psalm 37:1f] Though it appears for a little while that the enemies of God prosper and are [seemingly] successful, their pleasure upon this earth is but, short-lived. Psalm 73:1f

The words of Psalm 2:1f are ever being fulfilled – now and in eternity:

"Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him." Psalm 2:12


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