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What did Senator Kennedy have in common with President Obama and the late Abortionist, George Tiller?

Pic of the late Senator, Teddy
Kennedy; perhaps one of the
most infamous of US politicians.
He portrayed himself as a
respectable Catholic Christian,
but was a vile person. His highly
regarded and favored politics by
liberals and leftists were marked
with not only a pummeling abuse
of politics, but a massive support
for United States genocide.
It is often understood that “hate” is a detestable attitude / emotion that manifests itself in human [hate] speech. When people hear hate speech they readily label someone a “hatemonger.” The common universal school of thought is to qualify a hatemonger by what he says – not by what he does.

A hatemonger can also be a person who does not voice hate speech

A hatemonger can also be a person who does not voice hate speech but whose lifestyle actions clearly identify him or her as a person who promulgates the destructive forces of hate. One does not have to look far (back) into history to identify hate mongers. Hitler readily comes to mind. Former Communist leaders such as Lenin, Stalin and Mao, vented their hate by murdering millions upon millions of their own peoples. Pol Pot, Idi Amin were more modern hate mongers, who left a trail of blood as evidence of their bigotry of hate against those who stood in opposition to their political paths.

The Divine Revelation (Christian Scripture) definition of a Hatemonger

"Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him." 1 John 3:15

....If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?.... 1 John 4:20

President Obama is a Hatemonger

US White House usurper Obama, is a vile and
despicable person. Like Sen. Teddy Kennedy he
attracts the admiration of many duped US
voters who gave him the opportunity to wreak
his malevolent agenda upon America. Obama
continues to paint himself as a decent person
with his recent remarks over the latest US
school children shooting massacre; yet
he has no genuine love for his fellow human
beings. The Scripture says of life-style
deceivers, such as Obama, that their eternal
doom will be the lake of fire - eternal damnation.
It is common knowledge, Mr. Obama’s past Illinois Senate record regarding his position and voting for unrestricted and partial birth abortion. In addition to his inhumane position on abortion he took a grotesque position in favor of allowing those babies surviving abortion to be left alone and die. I ask: “What could be more egregious, hideous and monstrous than that?”

Mr. Obama’s position is publicly known:

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: A Pro-Life Compilation -

"Hate-monger" -

Not only is Obama a hatemonger, he qualifies for “Racist-in-Chief,” as he actively supports the wholesale slaughter of black babies:

“One Quarter of Black Population Missing from Abortion Genocide Says Dr. Alveda King” --

Mr. Obama, by his position and policies, believes and lives contrary to what Divine Revelation states about loving his fellowman. [1 John 3:15 ; 1 John 4:20] How can a person love his fellow human beings, when he actively strives to stamp out their existence from their beginning conception? In short, Mr. Obama is not a man, but a monster:

What did Senator Kennedy have in common with Barack Obama and the late George Tiller?

Pic of Eunice (Kennedy) Shriver. Unlike her
brother, Senator Ted Kennedy; Eunice was a
prolife advocate; also involving herself in the
Special Olympics. How can one sibling from the
same Kennedy family turn out to be an angel,
while her one brother turns out to be a devil?
Senator Kennedy involved himself in the abortion (mill) business. At one time during his political career, he was prolife. It is an utter shame that Teddy Kennedy did not remain prolife, as his sister, Eunice [Kennedy] Shriver who was not only a leader in the prolife movement, but "influential in creating the first International Special Olympics for athletes with intellectual disabilities." []

Unfortunately and most tragically, Senator Kennedy soon left his prolife moorings and became an avid supporter of unrestricted abortion in the name of the Supreme Court contrived [supposed "Right to privacy"] He, along with Obama, involved himself on one end of the abortion multi-million dollar assembly line industry –- through the legislative process. They were responsible, along with other politicians, providing, human bodies -- innocent preborn babies for their destructive and murderous [Nazi like] disposal, at the bloody hands of abortionists, such as the late abortionist, George Tiller. During Kennedy's tenure in the United States Senate, millions of preborn babies met their horrific end.

Two of the above (aforementioned persons) are no longer with us. Senator Kennedy recently passed away, a victim of cancer, while Abortionist George Tiller met his sudden end, slain by a gunman. But President Obama remains, functioning as “Butcher-in-Chief,” promulgating political policy for the continued genocide of preborn babies and consequently their posterity (succeeding generations):

“One Quarter of Black Population Missing from Abortion Genocide Says Dr. Alveda King” -- …. Dr. Alveda King, the niece of legendary human rights campaigner, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., told a meeting of Priests for Life, that the killing of a quarter of the black population of the US has not been from the lynch mobs of her childhood days, but from abortionists, “who plant their killing centers in minority neighborhoods and prey upon women who think they have no hope. “The great irony,” she said, “is that abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.” …..” -

“What Does God See and Hear?” -- “…….Millions of babies are aborted every day. It is this culture's way of eradicating the image of the Triune God in which the human race was created. Genesis 1:26 Doctors, nurses, and professionals may refer to a newly formed baby as blastocyst, an embryo or a fetus, but the bottom line is the little one is a triune human being with a body, a soul, and a spirit. The pre-born baby allowed to reach adulthood has the potential to bring forth more generations. Psalm102:18 When an apple is cut open the seeds are able to be counted. But, only God can tell how many apples are in one seed. God knows the generations which should have been produced by every aborted baby. They are all written in His book. Psalm 139:16 …….” -- [Source: “Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength," 5/15/09 --]

A Ted Kennedy Legacy - A Particular View - Perspective -- Apart from all the Camelot Accolades

Divine Revelation states that a “partner with a thief, hates his own soul:”

"Whoso is sharing with a thief is hating his own soul" -- Proverbs 29:24

Abortionist Tiller was killed
by an assassin. Compared with
all the preborn babies he
sliced and diced; his death
was rather quick and painless.
Will there be a separate
place for him in the hereafter?
Or, will he be lumped with the
likes of Ted Kennedy who was
politically (up front) supplying
Tiller with the baby bodies to
A person doesn’t’ need to be aware that he hates his own soul. As I mentioned earlier, hate is more than an attitude and an emotion. It can also be a (practice) action and lifestyle.

Abortionist George Tiller was a hideous and repulsive thief – cutting short the innocent lives of hundreds upon hundreds of preborn babies. Senator Kennedy and Barack Obama (as explained previous) were partners with this hideous and repulsive (Tiller) thief and other abortion thieves.

What greater thievery than to steal an innocent person’s life, by painfully and abruptly ending it? And, don’t say that a preborn baby is just a mass of human cells by calling “it” a “fetus" -- and that his or her forming human life does not feel and experience pain. Medical technology and scientific reality tell us that the fetus baby, does indeed, experience pain. It has now been (scientifically and medically) long established (since the infamous Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision), legalizing abortion on demand, that the human product of conception, is human life, fully deserving of the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as stated in our nation's esteemed founding, document, "The Declaration of Independence."

Pic of the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He
was highly influential in helping to usher
in the infamous 1973 Supreme Court
decision which led to US unrestricted
abortion and genocide. Dr. Nathanson
became a convert to Christianity and
demonstrated his faith with a complete
reversal of character, becoming an avid
prolife advocate. Please note the
following article by 
The Supreme Court decision which sanctions abortion genocide, desperately needs to be reversed. It is a Neanderthal legal ruling, ignoring the latest advances in science and medical technology of this new Century:

Former Abortionist Bernard Nathanson Exposes Lies of American Pro-Abortion Movement -- "We were guilty of massive deception" says Nathanson about abortion industry -- Nathanson's conversion to the pro-life movement was sparked by the advent of the ultrasound machine in the early 1970s. He related how his heart was moved to realize that a fetus is in fact a human being after he watched an unborn baby recoil from a vacuum abortion device before being sucked from its mother's womb……. Nathanson then addressed the fact that abortion is now used as a form of birth control - a result of another pro-abortion fabrication….. –

It is common knowledge with those who respect and revere Divine Revelation (as extrapolated by the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures) that our country’s abortion on demand policy and practice, is insane and inhumane. As a nation based upon the Judeo / Christian ethic we cannot expect our country to be immune to the Triune God’s just judgment for this horrendous national sin. The Lord hates "hands that shed innocent blood." [Proverbs 6:17] America will not escape the Lord’s judgment. Psalm 9:17

The Triune God is a God of Mercy and Forgiveness:

Since this emeritus Christian pastor has run short of time today, he cannot and does not wish in this topical message to elaborate upon the grace of God. Other past topical messages have noted such. Suffice to say that the wanton and needless action of securing an abortion, cutting short the full and complete life of a human being, is, simply murder. When the good Lord says in the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not murder,” the sin of determined, wanton and needless abortion is not exempt from that command. Exodus 20:13

“Sin” in a holy and just God’s estimation, excludes a person's soul from the life hereafter in heaven’s perfect abode. Those who die in their sins without having the forgiveness of the shed blood of Christ are destined to spend their forever soul’s existence, not in heaven’s “life eternal” but in hell's “death’s eternal.” Luke 16:19-31 ; John 3:14-21 ; John 3:36

May all who desire to live a life of good conscience and a life pleasing to God apart from their sinful nature and their daily sins, seek Him by way of the written revelation He has provided. [2 Timothy 3:14-17] May God grant you the grace to come to believe in Him through that same Scripture revelation. [Romans 1:16 ; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23 ; 2 Timothy 3:14-17 ; Acts 8:26-39 ; James 1:18] May you come to know the living God and Christ who can set you free from sin bondage and make your soul ready for a future eternity of “life” everlasting, rather than “death” everlasting. Matthew 7:13-29 ; John 1:1-18 ; John 10:1-30 ; Luke 16:19-31

And, finally, you who are comfortable with only gathering with other church people; may the good Lord light a fire in your soul to oppose the godless culture! May you live your professed Christian faith and engage the sinful culture; rather than be squeezed into its mold! [Romans 12:1-2]


Note: Please see below - "Informative Links Regarding the Continuing Abortion Genocide"

Related Scriptures [below] -- Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

Old Testament:

Genesis 9:6 ; Psalm 139:1f ; Proverbs 31:8 -- The Creator's perspective regarding the fetal baby and his / her development

New Testament

Luke 1:1f -- The pre-born John the Baptist and the Lord Christ

Informative Links Regarding the Continuing Abortion Genocide

King's Niece: "Racism and Abortion Stem from the Same Poisonous Root"

“Obama Is No Uncle Tom” – “…..As an African-American woman -- from Chicago, no less -- I wanted to be delighted by the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States. But his disregard of both unborn human lives as well as of those who would try to protect them renders him more similar to enablers of slavery than to the noble men and women in Stowe's story……

Note: Abortion Methods:

“The Surprising Link” -- “….Abortion is the single most avoidable risk factor for breast cancer.....” – “Life Issues Television Series Starts Today on -- First video presents moving, compelling evidence of abortion/breast cancer link”

Obama's First 100 Days: The anti-life plan is now established

The ironic and sorry consequence of disobeying God’s first command of being fruitful and multiplying – and the needless and wanton national sin of abortion -- “Muslim Demographics” -

Outside view: Flawed logic [Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton]

Baby’s First Picture -- ......The science called “fetology”, the study of children in the womb, clearly confirms the facts. Through the sonogram, we are given a window into the first home of children. And, we are reminded, that every one of us lived in that same home. It was once the safest place on earth and universally recognized as a sanctuary. It was also held in great awe and respect. Children in the womb were protected and mothers were given the special treatment that they deserved. The insane fabrication of the abortion movement, that the child is an extension of the woman’s own body, has met more than its rhetorical match. It has run headfirst into medical science. For example, research has proven that the child secretes hormone mixtures, found in the placenta, in order to protect its position in the first home and to secure itself within the womb against the immune system of the mother which is made to fight against “foreign” substances. The child is no “foreign substance” but rather a member of the family......

Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak" -- by Victor Buksbazen -- Isaiah 53:1-12 -- an in-depth view of and the prophecy of Christ, hundred of years before his birth. Isaiah 53:1-12 underscores the truthfulness of Divine Revelation as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

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The Christian Faith: Parts 1-3

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  1. Thanks for this very honest and brave article. Nathan Bickel is a Christian warrior.

  2. Thank you Rev. Bresciani.

    I attempt to best lead the Christian life as the good Lord shows me. I cannot be silent about the decadence of our current culture. Hence, that "activist fervor" has helped motivate me to go back on this website and introduce added pics, captions, internal links, etc. In fact, I just was working on this posting, today, and intend to get back to it with a couple more pics and captions.

    I find that, by and large, church going "Christians" are very apathetic. Generally, most of them do not engage the sinful culture. Hence, because they choose to be neutral; I believe that they make themselves easy pickings for continued cultural deceptions. One has only to witness the latest recent US presidential election. Right now, I believe that God's judgment upon our nation is full speed ahead; and, rightly so. You, Rev. Bresciani, are one person who is very much aware of that. Keep up the great work you do, utilizing that wonderful website of yours!