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The 2 Most Important Realities that a Person Can Realize this Side of the Hereafter

The Reality of Sin

I’m sure that all of us, without, exception, are very familiar with “sin.” In fact, I’m convinced that it is the most familiar thing with which all of us are acquainted. It’s gripping and incessant reality is so obvious in our lives and in our world, that as a topic of discussion it's most often ignored and shoved under the table.

Why is the topic of sin, most often ignored? Because the simple admission of admitting that you and I are sinners, grates against our human pride. Human pride says: “I am a rock; I am an island.” Human pride says: “I’ll do it my way.” Human pride says: “I don’t need anyone, but my own lonesome self!” And, of course, in the light and truth of the Scriptures, those admissions are outright lies!

Sinners lie to themselves all the time. Daily, human souls will cloak their sin by calling their sin by various euphemisms. Ever hear of the common expression, that someone has told a “white lie?” Human sin is a “conscience irritant.” Rather than particular individuals and certain groups referring to the wanton, unnecessary murderous slaughter of preborn human life, carnal human nature will invent phrases to minimize and deny the abortion genocide reality. I’m sure that all of us have heard of the “innocent” phrase that attempts to justify those who shed innocent blood. It’s called, “pro-choice.”

Unfortunately, prolife people have been slow to catch on. They allow the pro death opposition, which includes consenting adults, activist politicians, Planned Parenthood and those who are part and parcel of their genocide operation – the abortion mill facility personnel – they allow those participating people “cover,” by not calling out the murderous sin for what it actually is – “crimes against humanity.” Please note the following – and, especially the logic reality which jumps out of the politically correct “box:”

"The President of the United States: A Sex Offender? -- Why Obama's support of the abortion industry is the worst molestation of youth (9/20/09)"

Sin’s Earliest History

The Scriptures tell us that it was “pride” that made the then perfect angel, Lucifer, the wicked Devil. [Luke 10:18 ; Isaiah 14:12 ; Revelation 9:1 ; Revelation 12:7-9 ; 1John 3:8 ; 2 Peter 2:4] The Scriptures tell us that pride – the dastardly “me first” syndrome, was the motivational factor that was utilized to tempt Adam and Eve, to become the first human sinners. Genesis 3:1f

Once our original human ancestors, sinned, the Scriptures tell us that disobedience to God and His Commandments, started the change reaction. [Romans 5:12] Sin was ushered into the perfect world. After Adam’s sin, there was no perfection and no harmony with holy God. Sin is the root cause for all types of imperfection – from barbaric murder, to nations warring, to family infighting – to personal hatreds.

Before human sin, there was no “work”

Because of human sin, [bitter “compliments” of Adam and Eve] we have “root” history of how “work” came to be. Adam was told by God that he would have to earn his physical nourishment by the “sweat of his face.” In fact, “work” became work, because of human sin. [Genesis 3:16-19]

Think of it, for a minute. What were Adam and Eve’s first “line” of work? Adam became a sewer, and Eve became a seamstress. After they had sinned the first sin, their consciences became alive and they realized their shameful physical and spiritual nakedness before God. They then, sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.

Sociologists and psychiatrists and the whole area of educational and clinical studies of haphazard human behavior are given employment and purpose, - all because of Adam’s first sin. And, let’s not leave out, the whole employment field of health care. Care we even begin to think of how many people are working in the area of law enforcement and the legal profession, due to human sin?

Adam and Eve were physically perfect before they sinned. Once human sin came to be, physical death became inevitable. The human body became subject to disease, illness and accident. Which of you who are hearing and / or reading this message are in perfect [holy] health? Your own bodies are sole testaments to the fact of the results of the first human sin, brought about by Adam’s “fall,” into sin. [Genesis 3:1f] How many of you wear eyeglasses; experience headaches and other personal physical maladies?

We are all testament to the reality that sin has affected us all. We are imperfect, and, our lives are on a fast track. Today, we are nearer to the hereafter, than we were, yesterday. And, we are not guaranteed, a tomorrow.

The Scriptures indicate that most people never do get to “first base” – they never can and do admit their helpless, sinful condition. [Matthew 7:13-14 ; Matthew 13:18-23] You would normally (and, humanly) think that living in an imperfect body and imperfect world, it would somehow jar some people into the reality that they will be, no more, someday – and that they had better look beyond their sinful selves for future eternal [hereafter] direction and help!

Human sin’s final result, is damnation – eternal death. Human sin is such that it’s pull upon the sinner, is like earth’s gravity. Sin will blind a human soul’s perspective and cause an individual to avoid and ignore help and deliverance from a guilty conscience and wrongful actions against Creator God and fellowman.

The Scriptures clearly teach of the final destination of sinners – those who have rejected the Good News about what God has done for them, in the person and work of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of their sins. Without the sacrificial shed blood of the sinless Savior, there can be no entrance into heaven’s holy habitations. Only one other eternal hereafter destination remains for the sinner who has not been clothed with the righteousness [perfection] of Savior, Christ. Luke 16:19-31 ; Matthew 22:1-14 ; Philippians 3:7-9

The Reality of the Savior

This past week I had the privilege and honor of speaking at a memorial for the family and friends of a man who had been bedridden for over 18 months. When I found out that he was hospitalized last year, I began visiting him.

In all my visits with this dear departed brother, he was always ready and willing to admit that he was a sinner who needed his priceless soul saved from holy God’s just wrath and punishment. He knew that without a cleansing of his human sin, he would not stand a chance in the hereafter. He knew that heaven is a perfect place and that a holy God cannot allow sinful souls to inhabit its sinless eternal presence.

This dear brother was “on track.” He realized the first important reality, this side of the hereafter which everyone needs to realize – that most important reality of personal sin! The Scriptures indicate that most people never do get to that first base – they never can and do admit their helpless, sinful condition. Thank God that that this dear individual, did!

And, because, by the grace of God, this bedridden soul admitted his personal sin, against God and his fellowman, - such was he graced again, by the Good Lord, to realize the second most important reality, this side of eternity's, hereafter!

Most people do not come to the full realization of their sin against God and their fellowman. They do not realize that their sin, unless dealt with, will damn their soul forever, in the hereafter. Matthew 25:1f ; Luke 16:19-31

My friend, freely admitted his sin, and not only his need for Jesus Christ, but he embraced Christ, as his personal Savior. The Scriptures speak of the sinless Christ and analogize Him as the "Second Adam." [Romans 5:12-21 ; 1 Corinthians 15:21-25 ; John 5:21-29 ; John 11:25-26] The first Adam brought sin into the world. [Romans 5:12] Christ, the sinless “Second Adam,” came to live a holy and perfect life upon our earth and to sacrifice His life in payment for all of our sins - not only for all of the world’s sins, past, present and future – but your sins and mine.

The Bible tells us that because God loves us, He prepared the Savior to suffer and die for us. [John 3:14-21] That was the only plan and the only way for Him to be able to [forever] accept us. A holy God cannot become intimate with an unholy creation. A holy God cannot allow His heaven to be contaminated with human sin!

Do all cookie jars possess cookies?

But, now, just because God loves us and loves the whole world - and, just because he provided the Savior for us to be sacrificed on our sinful account, – that does not translate into all people, eventually being inhabitants of heaven! Just because God provided the eternal remedy for sin, does not mean that all people are ”partakers” of it [heaven]. Just because there is a cookie jar, doesn’t mean that it is housed with cookies. So, with the Savior, His sacrificial offering and heaven – and souls that end up, there, and, souls, which, don’t.

The dearly departed, not only confessed his sin and his soul’s need for the Savior, but he professed his faith, in the Savior, Christ. Where did he initially receive that faith? He was baptized into the Christian Faith. He received a Christian parochial [elementary] school education in that Faith. And, towards the latter part of his life, he came [by the grace of God] to appreciate and re-affirm his God-given faith.

Some of you may be asking yourselves – and, I hope and pray that you do: “How do I obtain this same type of faith?” How can I be sure that my sins are forgiven, and that I have a Savior at the batter’s box who will safely bring me to my “heavenly home?” You might even be asking yourself – “How can I even get to first base?”

Friends, I will never deny anyone his “salvation experience,” as they relate it. But, I do know, according to the Scriptures, that those who love the Lord Jesus, as their Savior – as, my friend did – they love him and trust in Him, because Christ loves them first. The Scriptures tell us: “We love Him because he first loved us.” [1 John 4:15-21] “Of His own will he begat us” [His children] the Scriptures tell us. [James 1:27] The Scriptures make it very clear, that we are not God’s children, unless, He is our heavenly Father.

Please note: “God is not your heavenly Father unless you are one of His children”

The Scriptures say, of God’s children, “For by grace you are saved; through faith; and, that not of yourselves; it is a gift of God; not by works, lest any man [person] should boast.” [Ephesians 2:8-10] “Salvation” – the saving [deliverance] of one’s soul, is by the grace of God, because of Christ – it is entirely, His work. It is not, that you can work your way, step by step. It is not a formula or prescription plan. It is through God’s Holy Spirit, who draws the sinner to Himself! John 3:3-8 ; Titus 3:5

Thank God, that my dear friend had the Word of God, (the Scriptures, planted in his life) – and, that he died, in the Faith! The Bible, states that “Faith comes by God’s Word!” Romans 10:17 ;
1 Peter 1:23

May all of us, make ourselves available to the Good Book, the Bible -- that book which is God’s greatest treasure – next to Christ, Himself! And, in so doing, may we draw from God’s holy Word and so follow in the Faith of departed saints, all, who have had the same commonality -- readily acknowledging the 2 most important realities this side of the hereafter - sin and the Savior.


Related Scriptures [below] -- Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

Old and New Testament Scriptures

Luke 16:19-31 - Where human sins, lead - Christ's parable of "The Rich Man and Lazarus"

Romans 2:14-16 - Sin is the violation (transgression) not only of the moral law but against the "conscience law" which God has placed within human hearts

Psalm 51:5 ; Romans 5:12 - We are sinners by birth

Genesis 6:5 ; Ecclesiastes 7:20 - We are sinners by practice

John 3:1-21 - The Savior solution for human sin


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