Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sin and Sinners

“Sin” is the violation (transgression) not only of the moral law [Romans 2:14-16] but of the Triune God’s written law, -- "The Commandments." [Exodus 20:1-26] Sin is, basically, rebellion against God. Humans not only sin against God and His commandments, but they sin against their fellow human beings -- and, own consciences (what they inherently know what is right and wrong). Romans 2:14-15

Human sin entered a perfect world when the first people chose to disobey God’s will, while living in the perfect world in which God created for them. Genesis 1:1-3f Since, what is commonly known as “The Fall,” (the beginning of human sin), all humanity (from the beginning of creation), are infected (and, afflicted) with sin. Consequently, all people are sinners by birth and nature. Psalm 51:5 ; Genesis 6:5 ; Romans 5:12 ; Romans 7:18 They are also sinners by daily transgression. Eccl. 7:20 ; Romans 7:18

Sin not only drastically affected [and, effected] the whole human race (past, present and future) – sin affected and effected the whole of creation. Romans 8:18-22

Sin’s present and lasting results upon humans, not only bring temporal (physical) death but also spiritual [forever] death. [Ezekiel 18:20 ; 2 Peter 2:1-22 ; Luke 16:10-31 ; Matthew 25:31-46] Hence, the need for the holy Savior and his ultimate sacrifice, to rescue the sinner from everlasting death. John 3:1-21

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