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PART 1 – "The Christian Faith" -- What is the Christian Faith? (10/3/10)

“Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters….” Isaiah 55:1-2

The Christian Scriptures (itself), define for us the Christian Faith. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

The Christian Faith is not about an introspective hope or some idealistic optimism, but it is a firmly held belief [by heart and life practice –- Acts 8:26-40 ; Matthew 7:13-29] about a special person prophesied (in history) hundreds of years before His birth, life, suffering, death, burial and resurrection.

Following, are a couple of divine prophetic Scriptures to illustrate:

-- Psalm 22:1-31 ; Isaiah 53:1-12

The Christian Faith is not about being perfect or attempting to attain a certain measure of human holiness, but it is about Creator God’s gift to humanity. [John 3:14-21 ; Ephesians 2:8-9] So, what does, [being] “Saved,” mean?

In short, [being] “Saved,” denotes, being rescued from sinful self and from personal sin (s). Creator (Triune) God did not leave His creation without a clue. He provided for us a clear message in His Divine revelation book, called the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures – better known, as “The Bible.” 2 Timothy 3:14-17

“Saved” from "sin?" -- Then, what is, “Sin?”

  • “Sin,” described, in the Bible, is the transgression of the [God’s] law. 1 John 3:4 ; Exodus 20:3-17
  • Sin, is the reason our bodies will grow old [baring a sudden accident] and someday (certainly) die. [Genesis 3:1-19 ; Ezekiel 18:20a ; Psalm 90 – esp. Verses 3-10] Because of sin, there is evil and there are evil people. Genesis 6:5 ; Psalm 53 ; Ecclesiastes 7:20 ; Romans 3:23
  • Sin, results in a corruption of global proportions. Genesis 3 – esp. Verses, 16-19 ; Romans 8:19-22
  • “Sin,” also, separates a sinful human being, from Creator God. Isaiah 59 – esp. Verse, 2

Because of the staining traits of sin, there will be no perfection (holiness) in the hereafter, (apart from heaven) for the sinning soul. The only perfection in the hereafter is “Heaven.” Heaven cannot exist with sin – only, holiness. Hence, sin, is the vile “instrument,” that damns a human soul, once a person’s life’s breath is expended from his [her] human body.

The “Antidote” for human sin

The Almighty mercifulness of a (perfect) Holy Creator, Triune) God, cries out for an “Antidote” [rescue] for human sin. John 3:14-21 ; Romans 5:6-21 ; 1 John 4:9-10

The divine revelation of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures relate not only about sin; its devastation and eternal damnation consequences [Matthew 25:31-46 – esp. Verses 41 ; 46] but also sin’s “Antidote,” (Divine cure). -- [Isaiah 55:1-7 ; John 3:14-21] And that “Cure,” [rescue plan] is not found in anything global (earthly). Rather, it is found in the Divine presence of a promised (Holy Messiah, Jesus Christ). Genesis 3:15 ; Isaiah 53 ; Hebrews 9:11-15 ; Hebrews 10:1-14

Please note for further understanding: "Sin and sinners"

Alas my God! My sins are great; my conscience doth upbraid me;
And now I find, that in my strait -- no man hath power to aid me.

And fled I hence, in my despair, in some lone spot to hide me;
My griefs would still, be with me there -- and, peace still be denied me.

Lord, Thee I seek, I merit naught; yet pity and restore me;
Just God be not, Thy wrath my lot; Thy Son hath suffered for me!

[Source of above lyrics: "Alas My God, My Sins Are Great" -- verses 1-3; TLH; 1941; CPH]


Not the labors of my hands; can fulfill Thy laws demands;
Could my zeal no respite know; could my tears forever flow;
All for sin could not atone; Thou must save and Thou, alone.

Nothing in my hand I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling;
Naked come to Thee for dress; helpless look to Thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly -- wash me Savior, or I die!

[Source of above lyrics: Hymn -- "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me" -- verses 2-3;TLH; 1941; CPH]

This Week’s Related Scriptures -- Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures:

Psalm 22:1-31 – One of the many “Old Testament” Scriptures relating prophetic details about the Messiah Christ hundreds of years before His birth. Please note with the above prohetic Psalm, the specific fulfillment of Christ's suffering and crucifixion recorded in the New Testament Gospels.

Psalm 23:1-6 -- The Good Shepherd

New Testament Christian Scriptures:

John 10:1-42 – Christ, the Good Shepherd


Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak" -- by Victor Buksbazen -- an in-depth view of Isaiah 53:1-12 and the prophecy of Christ, hundred of years before his birth. Isaiah 53:1-12 underscores the truthfulness of Divine Revelation as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

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