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Part 1: Christian Citizenship -- What is the Christian’s duty and responsibility to a USA (putative) president who has, and practices, opposing moral values?

Modern Christianity is rife with USA "Christian" pastors who
know little of genuine and faithful citizenship. They,  like
most of Nazi Germany's "Christian" pastors, are too content
to speak against our White House occupier's corruptions.
By and large US pastors would rather have their gov't tax
exempt status papers rather than "taking up Christ's Cross"
and demonstrating genuine Christian discipleship.

The presidential campaign dominates the American media stage every 4 years.  It receives the most political attention, as every 4 year cycle, the third branch of our constitutional representative republic, up for grabs.  It has now been almost 2 years that Barack Hussein Obama has been our USA putative president. 

The voting public elected a relatively young (and, inexperienced) first term Senator from the State of Illinois.  The [old] liberal extremist media which had done so much to shield this Senator from journalistic scrutiny, hailed his election as a grandiose “first.”  Senator Barack Obama is, of course, black.  He was [is] the first black [de facto] president of the United States.

I would also venture to say that Barack Obama’s ethnic background played a very important role in him being elected to the USA presidency.  So much so, that the [old] liberal, extremist media were “in the tank” for Mr. Obama, from the “gitgo,” being, that he would break the race barrier "glass ceiling." And, consequently, attempts to criticize [then] Senator Obama were met with familiar (and often unfair and untruthful) accusations from much of the mainstream liberal / extremist media, as, “racism.”

[Note April 2013 Update: It is now established that Obama's birth certificate requirement qualification for the office of president, is a 100% forgery. His ID identity fraud stinks to high heaven].

Christians are foolish for believing their "Christian"pastor and church hierarchical leaders when theywrongly teach  the Romans 13:1-8 Scripture. God'sdivine revelation never tells the humble andobedient soul to countenance and honora monster. It says, that honor is to be givenwhere honor is due. Romans 13:7

Especially did the mainstream news media, withhold journalistic news coverage of Obama’s supported [voting record] stance on infants surviving failed abortions.  Essentially, he supported the practice of leaving infants, who survived abortions, to be abandoned, and die.

Obama is no more Christian than the man in the moon. Yet, he was able to secure umpteen votes from foolish Christians and make a news media splash with Billy and Franklin Graham. They like many German pastors did not object to Obama's hypocrisy and [immoral] corruptions. Haven't these Graham "Christian" evangelists read the Scripture that "whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God." James 4:4 

Furthermore, for all intents and purposes, Barack Obama has [deceptively] presented the impression that he is Christian, when in reality he does not conform to the basic tenents of the Christian Faith:

"Did 'fawning' media elect Obama?" -- onenewsnow.com

The liberal media ended up protecting our [then] de facto president elect from journalistic scrutiny by basically ignoring a multitude of issues – ranging from questions of genuine USA birth certification to Barack Obama’s many questionable [radical] personal associations with people who have held extremist anti American political views. 

How does the Christian cope with a new president who holds major contrary positions that are opposed to Christian morality and to the Christian Faith?

How can a Christian respond to the leadership of putative President Obama, whose views, (to a major, extent) are no better than rank paganism?

"What Martin Luther King called evil, Barack Obama calls good" -- “……Martin Luther King points to a people of Christian faith that demanded an end to infant killing. In Rome in their declining years, it became law that upon the birth of your newborn child, if you didn't like the color of their eyes, the texture of their hair, the complexion of their skin, you could by law lay your child by the side of the road to die. The law further stated, anyone touching your child to give aid would be put to death. The newborn child was to be left to die! The early church under the threat of death scooped those children up and raised them as their own. Martin Luther King called not giving children "left by the side of the road" receiving no aid, evil! Barack Obama calls it a good thing. 80% of Americans call partial birth abortion, evil, while Mr. and Mrs. Obama call it a good thing… -- renewamerica.us

Again I ask:  How can a Christian respond to the leadership of President Obama, whose views, [in part -- and, to a major extent] are no better than rank paganism? I ask this question, because it is obvious to the disciple of Christ that Barack Obama flunked the test for Presidency of the United States when he answered a question at a nationally televised forum during the presidential election, at the Saddleback Church.  When asked, when human life begins, Senator Obama’s answer was totally and irresponsibly evasive.  He responded that it was above his “pay grade” to know the answer. 

Then President elect, Obama when confronted with his stance on abortion, partial birth abortion – and especially his voting position disallowing infants surviving abortion, immediate medical help, lied and then (essentially) vilified a young adult woman who had survived an abortion, and, who was calling attention to Senator Obama’s continuing pro-death position. 

There is no valid Scriptural reason to consider President Obama, a Christian:

Based upon his own words, background, policies, agenda, actions - and especially his (pro-death culture) senatorial voting record, vis-à-vis his support of infanticide, we make ourselves moral fools to deceive ourselves into thinking that our President Barack Hussein 

Obama, is a man of moral integrity and Christian faith.  I do not say that lightly – and, it pains me to say it, at all.  Besides that of President Obama’s support for unrestricted, wanton abortion, partial birth abortion and infanticide of those infants surviving abortion, there is established Obama’s own admission of his lack of Christian conviction -- and Christian, Faith. [See the Cal Thomas commentary link below]


It may appear to some you you who read or hear this topical Christian message, that this Christian emeritus pastor is unfair and unreasonably critical of our USA President, and, consequently, violating Biblical standards:

Before you may jump to conclusions and quote in your heads, to this emeritus pastor, Romans 13:1-8, -- please realize several aspects:

First, we live under a Constitutional epresentative Republic where 1st Amendment rights are afforded to us citizens. [It is lawful to openly criticize the president]

Secondly, you may reflect about John the Baptist and what precipitated his death.  Luke 3:1-20 ; Especially note:  Luke 3:18-20 ;  Matthew 14:1-12

Thirdly, you may also begin ponder certain Scriptures, such as, Ephesians 5:11 and Acts 5:29


Note:  Part 2, has more Scriptures that distinguish attitude and duty toward human government -- but also, obedience toward God:


This Message's Related Scriptures -- 
Intended to be utilized in a simple worship format:

Old Testament Scriptures:

Psalm 75:6-7  ;  Daniel 2:21 – The Triune God of the Holy Scriptures is the force, cause and administrator of heads of state governments and their (cancelled) termination

Daniel 4:1-37 -- the narrative account of the Triune God’s work in the life of an earthly ruler

New Testament Scriptures:

John 19:1-11 -- especially, John 19:11 – Temporal (earthly) presidents and potentates only rule and dominate, subject to Divine permission

Romans 13:1-7 – The Triune God’s expectation for citizens (and aliens) of governments

Note:  The aformentioned message (without current editing), was first posted online, 1/24/10

Of Whom Does the Prophet Speak" -- by Victor Buksbazen -- an in-depth view of Isaiah 53:1-12 and the prophecy of Christ, hundred of years before his birth. Isaiah 53:1-12 underscores the truthfulness of Divine Revelation as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.


The Christian Faith:  Parts 1-3


Pastor (Emeritus) Nathan Bickel

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